The best time to squeeze value from a project is before you start … pre-construction.

By spending many years both as an owner’s rep and a contractor I’ve been able to value pre-construction services from multiple perspectives.  When executed properly, pre-construction helps eliminate risk in the project for both the Owner and the Contractor by defining and refining scope, thus allowing estimates and budget to tighten as more decisions are made.  This limits the need for higher margins and reduces financing costs for Owners.

When necessary, we rely heavily on our network of subcontractors (as the subject matter experts in their field) to assist in pre-construction to further refine the scope and budget.  By including the experts early we focus on the items that are truly required so we can prioritize the needs for the project.  This collaboration allows us to further mitigate risk for our clients and develop realistic budgets we can use to make business decisions.

Pre-construction Services Provided:

  • Feasibility and constructability
  • Budgeting – both schematic design and development design phases
  • Site assessment and logistics
  • Project organization and scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Pre-qualification of subcontractors
  • Subcontractor bid analysis
  • Permitting