Construction Management

Construction Management Services is an area where we are truly passionate.

This is where we diverge from most contractors.  We don’t like to see people taken advantage of by contractors, these services were created with that in mind.

With several years experience serving as Construction Manager for several large developers, we understand there are situations when an owner may require assistance representing themselves for a construction project either due to limited resources or lack of experience. Commercial or residential, we provide an offering to meet your needs.  We prefer to be your builder for your next project, but we understand we are not always the right fit.  Rather than abandon you, we offer this additional suite of Construction Management Services to help you manage the project from your side.

The difference between this relationship and the others described in our services is, we would actually serve as your representative in the relationship between you and another contractor.  We would represent you in contractor and design team selection, project management and oversight and closeout.  We demand the same services from contractor as those described above based the delivery method selected.  If you find yourself in need of assistance, or if you have a question due to a unique situation we are available to help.

If you have a residential project and you don’t know where to start, feel free to give us a call to discuss your project.  Construction projects are easy to people who have experience in the field.  Knowing the right questions to ask can fix most issues with subcontractors.  We can often give you the information you need in a few minutes over the phone and are happy to do so.  If we find your needs are greater, we can discuss other service options at that time.  Please note, this service is not construction based.  As Construction Manager, Ichor does not serve as the contractor.  We will assist in educating the client, contractor selection, contractor agreements, contractor oversight and quality control and punch list and warranty needs.